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Product Description


For Algae Control in Swimming Pools

WSCP 3 is a cationic, polymeric algaecide concentrate that can be used to formulate products for algae control in swimming pools. It is effective against both the greenish free-floating varieties of algae and the so-called black algae that cling to the walls and bottoms of pools. The regular use of WSCP 3 in swimming pools can overcome the problems caused by algae, including unsightly appearance, murky water, objectionable odors, clogged filters, and increased chlorine demand. WSCP 3 is effective at all pH values. Unlike the commonly used quaternary ammonium compounds, it will not cause foam even when added in high concentration slug doses. Also, WSCP 3 will not interfere with the efficient operation of sand, diatomaceous earth, or other types of commonly used filters.


Appearance ........................ Yellow to amber liquid

Density @ 25ºC (77ºF) ................. 1.14 - 1.16 g/ml

Approximate volume per kilogram .............. 870 ml

pH [Conc. (% w/w):10%] .......................... 2.5 - 3.5

Note: Nature of product will change the colour over time but will not affect the performance.


For maximum effectiveness, pools containing a heavy growth of algae should be cleaned before starting the use of WSCP 3. Pools having less heavy but still visible algal growth (i.e., a greenish cast to the water or black or green spots on the walls and bottom) should be treated with 15 to 20 ml of WSCP 3 per cubic metre of water. Then about 24 hours later, the algal debris should be removed by standard cleaning procedures, including brushing loose algae spots, vacuuming the pool, and backwashing the filter. For treatment of a freshly cleaned and filled pool, initially add 10 “ 15 ml of WSCP 3 per cubic metre of water. After this initial treatment, pools should be treated with 3.0 to 5.0 ml of WSCP 3 per cubic metre of water every 5 to 7 days to keep them free of visible algal growth. Uniform distribution of WSCP 3 throughout the water in the pools is necessary for maximum effectiveness of the product. WSCP 3 is compatible with other chemicals commonly used to treat swimming pools, and it is effective in both acidic and alkaline pH ranges. It can be used in pools treated with chlorine chemicals, and its use may reduce the amount of these chemicals normally required. However, do not mix WSCP 3 with concentrated dry or liquid chlorine products.

FORMULATION:-   WSCP 3 is a concentrate that can be used as is, or it can be diluted with water to prepare algaecides of lower concentration. For products prepared by dilution of WSCP 3, the amount required for treatment of swimming pools will depend on the concentration of active ingredient in the final product as packaged for sale. In the preceding discussion, recommended amounts or treatment rates are based on concentrated WSCP 3, as sold by Buckman Laboratories.

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