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Flamebloc GS 503

Flamebloc GS 503
Flamebloc GS 503
Product Code : 09
Product Description

Flamebloc GS 503

  •         No halogen required

  •        GRAS chemistries

  •        Water cleanup

  •        Zero VOC

  •        Quick-drying

  •        Performance additive


Flamebloc GS 503 is a primer and/or tie coat fire retardant barrier that provides a functional interface between the topcoat and substrate.

For interior and exterior applications, Flamebloc GS 503 is a moisture-resistant, non-flammable product that can be used on many types of materials from aerospace to the construction industry. While the information and material included in this presentation has been formulated with all due care, Buckman Laboratories Pty Ltd (henceforth Buckman) does not warrant or represent that the content is free from errors, or omissions or is definitive. Buckman does not accept liability in relation to the quality, operability or accuracy of the content. Recommendations give by Buckman are based on tests that have been performed with all due care and are, to the knowledge of Buckman, reliable. Ultimately, the use of each product is beyond the control of Buckman. No guarantee, express or implied is made as to the performance of each product or as to the effects of such or the results to be obtained if not used strictly in accordance with directions, recommendations or established safe practice by the customer. The customer must assume all responsibility for any loss, damage, cost or expense incurred or arising by reason of any use of the product as such, or in combination with other materials. Buckman recommends that the products are only used and handled by the buyer under the recommended conditions of use in accordance with established best safe practice.


Typical Product Characteristics

Density at 25‚°C

1.10  1.20 g/mL

pH (neat)

2  3

Total Solids

45 - 50%


Method of Application

Application may be accomplished by brush, roll, or spray methods. The coverage rates are dependent upon the end application, and thinner application will equate to a faster drying time.

For exterior applications, coat with a compatible water based coating and/or a suitable barrier to cover the adhesive prior to exposure to the elements. Flamebloc GS 503 can be used as a fire retardant additive in various adhesive systems


Environmental regulations

This product complies with US Federal Regulations concerning the use of lead in paint AND hydrocarbon emissions.

Please consult your Buckman representative for any questions regarding the use of this product.


Packaging and handling

Flamebloc GS 503 is a liquid available in drums, IBCs and in bulk. Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for suitable materials of construction for handling and storing this product.

Improper handling of this product can result in injury. Observe all precautions shown on the Product Label and in the Material Safety Data Sheet. 

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