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Flamebloc GS 400

Flamebloc GS 400
Flamebloc GS 400
Product Code : 05
Product Description

Flamebloc GS 400

Char Forming Penetrating Fire Retardant

·         Carbon char reduces the effect of fire, heat, and smoke

·         Treated leather exceeds standards for fire and flame resistance

·         Non-volatile; contains no restricted PDBE compounds or halocarbons

·         Applied at various stages of leather production

Flamebloc GS 400 is a highly concentrated fire retardant and smoke suppressant for use in leather and leather products. It contains an aqueous solution of polymeric aminopolyphosphates. Upon exposure to heat and flame, the proprietary active ingredients contribute to flame resistance by melting below flaming temperatures and resolidifying on the surface of the leather in the form of a solid foam (char). This acts as a barrier between the leather and the flame. As a result, Flamebloc GS 400 will resist ignition and prevent flameless combustion, referred to as afterglow, and reduce smoke evolution.

Flamebloc GS 400 is highly penetrating and can be applied during various stages of leather manufacturing, including finishing, dry milling and retanning. It is water based, has low toxicity, and contains no VOC or petroleum derivatives. There are no polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PDBE™s) or other restricted compounds in the composition.

Leather properly treated with Flamebloc GS 400 meets the following requirements for flame retardance: Federal Aviation Administration Regulations for Compartment Interiors; National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 302; State of California Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation Technical Bulletin 117. It also is rated “Class I” according to the Upholstered Furniture Action Council’s Fabric Classification Test Method.


Appearance.........................................Clear liquid

Density @ 25°C (77°F)...............1.15  1.20 g/ml

Approximate volume in kilogram...............851 ml

pH (neat).................................................3.0 “ 5.0



Flamebloc GS 400 is highly versatile and can be sprayed, rollcoated, or curtain coated, directly onto crust or finished leather. It can be applied to either the grain or flesh side of the leather. Typical application rates are 20–30 grams/sq. ft. The leather should be piled grain-to-grain, covered with plastic and given an 8-hour lay time. Two applications may be preferable in certain instances where exceptional fire retardance is needed. Air-off as needed for proper final moisture content.

Flamebloc GS 400 can also be applied during dry milling. A dosage of 20 grams/sq. ft. is applied, divided among five equal feeds of material to the dry mill. Typically the leather is milled with a solid door for 15-minutes after each of the first four applications and then for another two hours after the fifth application. The door is changed with a screen door and the leather is milled an additional 3-hours, or until the final degree of softness and/or pebble is obtained. The leather is then conditioned overnight. 

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