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Flamebloc GS 300

Flamebloc GS 300
Flamebloc GS 300
Product Code : 04
Product Description

Flamebloc GS 300

  • Penetrating Fire Retardant for Paper and Paperboard

  •          Reduces the effect of fire, heat, and smoke

  •          Can be dipped, added to water box, roll coated, or sprayed

  •          Contains no petroleum derivatives

  •          No halogen donor required

  •          GRAS chemistries

  •          Has no VOC

Flamebloc GS 300 is a concentrated liquid flame retardant penetrant designed for use on most types of paper and paperboard including corrugated board, wallboard, and pressed board. Flamebloc GS 300 is an aqueous solution containing a blend of proprietary active ingredients. The product is colorless, non-staining, inert, non-conductive, odorless, and neutrally charged. No polybrominated diphenyl ethers are in the composition. Properly applied to paper or paperboard, when exposed to heat and flame, Flamebloc GS 300 forms a carbon char that resists fire, heat, and smoke. The proprietary active ingredients of this product contribute to flame resistance by melting below flaming temperatures and then resolidifying into a crystalline form of a carbon (char) that acts as a barrier between the paper or paperboard surface and the flame. As a result, Flamebloc GS 300 will decrease fire and smoke evolution, providing resistance to flameless combustion, referred to as afterglow.

Flamebloc GS 300, as applied, is readily absorbed by paper and paperboard products and quickly penetrates into the sheet. This product has a low toxicity, contains no VOC, is non-volatile, contains no petroleum derivatives, and is nonflammable and non-combustible. Flamebloc GS 300 passes testing under NFPA 701 Flame Propagation as applied to paper.


Appearance.............Clear to slightly cloudy liquid

Density @ 25°C (77°F)...............1.18  1.24 g/ml

Approximate volume in kilogram...............826 ml

pH (neat).................................................5.0  7.0



Flamebloc GS 300 is a concentrated product that usually requires dilution, up to 50% with water, prior to its use. Final dilution rates vary depending upon the application method chosen and the application rate required to meet specific fire codes. It is recommended that Flamebloc GS 300 be applied on the paper or paperboard machine by spraying onto the sheet post pressing, into a water box, or by roll coating. Flamebloc GS 300 may also be applied by spray, brush, or roller to the paper or paperboard finished product which has not been sealed or coated prior to its use. Generally, neat Flamebloc GS 300 product will treat approximately 600–800 square feet per gallon. Final application rate is determined by the fire retardant classification required. Please consult your Buckman representative for further details. Once treated, paper and paperboard products should avoid contact with high moisture or water unless or until the paper or paperboard is coated. Paper or paperboard treated for dry interior environments require no special precautions prior to its use unless exposure to elevated moisture is anticipated. Flamebloc GS 300 is easily cleaned with soap and water.

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