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Product Code : 23
Product Description

Fuel Oil Conditioner

DEVIS is a ready-to-use fuel off conditioner formulated to treat problems associated with the transport, storage, and combustion of residual fuels.

Treatment of fuel oils with DEVIS provides better dispersion of heavy hydrocarbons, carbon, water, and other sludge- and deposit-forming substances. Treatment improves atomization and combustion of the fuel oils. It also decreases corrosion of metal equipment that comes in contact with the fuel oil.

Some of the benefits derived from the use of this product include reduced buildup of tank-bottom sludge; minimal varnish and gum formation; and cleaner lines, strainers, preheaters, orifices, and burners. Fewer deposits in the furnace and less soot formation improve the overall furnace efficiency.

Characteristic economic benefits obtained from the use of DEVIS in fuel oils include:

 Savings in fuel consumed per unit of steam produced

A result of more complete combustion   and better heat transfer.

Fewer stoppages for fireside cleaning.

Less downtime and fewer man-hours required for periodic cleaning of tanks, lines, and furnace equipment.

Longer service life for equipment

As result of reduced corrosion.


Appearance........................................Golden liquid

Density @ 25ºC (77ºF).................0.88 ‚ 0.92 g/ml

Approximate volume per kilogram............1111 ml

pH (100 ppm in water) ............................ 5.5 ‚ 7.5


DEVIS can be dispensed from shipping containers by chemical-metering pumps or suitable measuring containers. The product should be fed into the line transferring the fuel from the tank car or tank truck to the plant tank or bunker. Alternatively, DEVIS can be added to the tank or bunker before each delivery of fuel oil is received. Recirculation of fuel from the bottom to the top of the storage tank will be helpful in obtaining thorough distribution of the fuel oil conditioner.

The recommended dosage is 1 litre of DEVIS for every 4  7.5 cubic metres of fuel oil. In those cases where operating efficiencies are limited only by deposits forming at preburner locations, DEVIS is used at dosages as low as 1 litre per 12 cubic metres of fuel oil. However, when DEVIS is used at these lower dosages, it should be supplemented with DMAD. For information, on the latter, see the Product Data bulletin DMAD  Fuel Oil Conditioner Concentrate.


DEVIS is a liquid packed in nonreturnable drums and bulk containers. Materials of construction suitable for handling and storing the product include most metals, Penton, polypropylene, and PTFE. In the concentrated form, DEVIS can have an adverse effect on natural rubber, PVC, acrylics, and certain other plastic.

Improper handling of this product can be injurious to workers. Observe all safety precautions shown on the label and in the Material Safety Data Sheet.

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