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Busan11M1 -Multi Functional Paint Addtive Pigment

Busan11M1 -Multi Functional Paint Addtive Pigment
Busan11M1 -Multi Functional Paint Addtive Pigment
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Product Description

Busan11M1 -Multi Functional Paint Additive Pigment 

Busan 11-M1

Multifunctional pigment

Busan 11-M1 is the commercial form of barium metaborate mono hydrate.

The product is a multifunctional pigment manufactured using a unique process to provide quality performance for the coatings customer.

Busan 11-M1 is  90% active calculated as BaB2O4¢H2O.

Busan 11-M1 is manufactured by Buckman Laboratories, USA and the only EPA registered barium metaborate on the market today.

Flame retardancy

Busan 11-M1 performs well as a flame retardant in both solvent- and water-base coatings containing a halogen donor, such as chlorinated paraffin. Busan 11-M1 can replace 100% of the antimony trioxide present in most formulations. In certain systems the two can function synergistically. Use levels of 2.0“9.0% for flame retardancy are recommended but will vary depending on the resin used and the halogen donor.

Corrosion/early rust inhibition

Use levels of Busan 11-M1, when used as a corrosion inhibitor, are dependent upon the formulation and performance required. For Industrial, solvent-based coatings, use levels of 2.0“10.0% based on total formula weight are suggested. Use levels of 4.5“9.0% based on the total formula weight are recommended for latex paints. Use levels below 4.5% of total formula weight provide excellent flash- and early-rust inhibition only. Busan 11-M1 is not a vapor-phase inhibitor and will require tipping the can to coat the lid and upper surface of the metal can to ensure protection.

Package preservation

Busan 11-M1 has performed well as a package preservative in latex paints when used at levels of 0.3“0.5% on formula weight. Busan 11-M1 has been reported to Inactivate enzymes. Buckman recommends the formulator conduct ladder studies to determine the optimum use levels in the formulations.

Tannin stain blocking

Busan 11-M1 can be used as a tannin stain blocking agent in latex- and solvent based primers and topcoats. Use levels of 0.251.0% based on total formula weight are recommended for this application. Use alkyd modifier to provide additional wetting. This will be beneficial when formulating latex primers and stains.

Mold inhibition

Busan 11-M1 provides protection from mold in latex systems when used at levels of 4.513.3% based on total formula weight. Higher use levels are required to enable mold resistance for oil- and alkyd-based coatings, because oil- and alkyd-based coatings provide an excellent food source for mold. Use levels of 8“10% based on total formula.

Weight are recommended. Busan 11-M1 is inorganic. Therefore, leaching from dry paint film is minimized versus competitive organic fungicides.

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