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Bulab 9672

Bulab 9672
Bulab 9672
Product Code : 04
Product Description
Bulab® 9672

Combustion catalyst and fireside slag control agent

Bulab 9672 is a uniquely formulated solid fuel fireside catalyst that is designed to enhance combustion in boilers and furnaces whilst preventing fireside slag formation on heat exchange areas. Bulab 9672 induces a catalytic reaction that is totally different to the action of current mainstream fireside additives. The product is fed directly into the boiler combustion zone at a pre-determined rate. Bulab 9672 will be advantageous when used on any solid fuel boiler. Fuel types where Bulab 9672 find application include coal, pulverized coal, bagasse, husks and woodchips.


Appearance................ Solid (crystalline particles)

Density @ 25ºC (77ºF) ................... 5.0 “ 5.2 g/ml

Approximate volume per kilogram ............. 196 ml

pH [Conc.(% w/w): 10%] .................................... 7


Bulab 9672 is dosed with specifically designed dosage equipment supplied by Buckman. Bulab 9672 should be injected directly into combustion zone of the boiler or furnace. Bulab 9672 should be added at the rate as advised by the Buckman technical specialist. The correct dosage point and recommended dosage rate will be advised by your Buckman technical specialist. The correct placement of injection is critical in ensuring good results when using Bulab 9672.


  1. Enhanced combustion of fuel

  2. Enhanced fireside cleanliness 

  3. Improved heat transfer over prolonged periods

  4. Reduced particulate emissions

  5. Reduced SOX and NOX emissions

  6. Non toxic and non hazardous material

Coal saving during operation whilst Bulab 9672 is used is commonplace. Coal savings of up to 13% have been reported. Individual coal savings are dependant on plant operation and type of coal burnt. Lower quality coal (C content) normally yield higher % savings. High % S content coal will realize increased SOX reduction.


The efficacy of the Bulab 9672 catalyst treatment can be monitored by various methods. Specific monitoring will be plant specific and options will be advised by Buckman.


Bulab 9672 is a packed in 20 kg bags. Workers handling the product should take care and wear dust masks and goggles.

Bulab 9672 is a powder and can be stored under any temperature condition. When stored under dry conditions the product will be stable for periods up to 24 months. Care must be taken to keep the product dry once bags are opened as moisture may impair the free flowing characteristics of the product.


Fire:- Non Flammable

Explosive:- Non Explosive

Ingestion:- If swallowed take water to clear dust in throat.

Eye Contact: Wash with copious amounts of clean water.

Skin Contact: Wash effected area with soap and water.

Specific questions on product properties should be directed to your Buckman representative.

Bulab 9672 should be handled properly to prevent contact with skin or eyes. Eye protection and rubber gloves are strongly recommended when handling the product.

Improper handling of this product can be injurious to workers. Observe all safety precautions shown on the label and in the Material Safety Data Sheet.

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